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Shine bright in your career!?

Course in English speaking, Office dressing, Interview preparation.

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Why we do it

Only To Achieve Your SUCESS

Reason one

Do you lack conviction while talking to people?

Reason two

Are you underpaid according to your qualification?

Reason three

Do you want to develop an utterly unshakable confidence?

Ans. Is

We at Flairmania English, are utterly passionate about our work. We breathe Spoken English / Public Speaking. We drink public speaking. We eat public speaking. We always try to explore new methods to encourage our students and ingrain soft skills in them. Learn from the utterly passionate professionals!

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Contact : 9096523271 / 9881311144
Head Office : PUNE
609, Block No.3, Llyod’’s Chamber,
Near Ambedkar Bhavan,
Pune Station Road,Pune 411011.

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